How a Global Pandemic Positively Impacted the World of Digital Marketing

Chapter 10 discussed measurement, evaluation, budget, and calendar techniques for social media. I decided to do some further research on these topics and ended up spending quite a bit of time reading about the COVID-19 pandemic’s affect on social media marketing as a whole. I stumbled upon an article from 2020 titled “Social Media Marketing Will Increase in 2021 as Brands Look to Meet Shoppers Online” According to, “The past year has proved the prominence of social media within the marketing stack…Retail marketers have always understood the value that social media advertising brings to their campaigns, but with a global pandemic accelerating the shift to digital, it has been an essential ingredient to engaging with the right consumers.” Here is the link to the article mentioned:

The world of social media is constantly evolving and only continues to grow in prominence, but the changes to our world/society brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic have, in my opinion, exponentially sped-up the evolution of social media. I would go as far as saying that social media is not only the most important is has ever been, but the most useful. The pandemic forced businesses to shut their doors, locked us all up in our homes, and basically shut the whole world down. But there was always social media.

When I think about social media marketing and the era of COVID, one of the first things to come to mind is the restaurant/food industry. For quite some time, it seemed like sitting down to eat in a restaurant was truly a thing of the past, so these establishments either had to shut their doors for good, or adapt and find new ways to generate business in the midst of all the uncertainty.

Without a doubt in my mind, there were restaurants/small businesses out there prior to the pandemic that had little to no internet presence and perhaps lacked the skills, or even interest, to utilize social media from a business standpoint. Regardless of situation, no one was safe from the shift of traditional marketing to social media/digital marketing that was expedited thanks to Ms. ‘Rona. I noticed a lot of restaurants in my hometown (whether they were big chains or small businesses) were becoming increasingly active online and began utilizing various social media platforms to promote meal kits/deals for families, build your own cocktail kits, and even sharing recipes of well-loved items. If they didn’t already, restaurants began offering online options for ordering/payment, delivery, or curbside pickup.

An article from Bentobox titled “Social Media Marketing for Restaurants in the Age of COVID-19” started off by saying:

“This is a great time to get your brand in front of diners and to acquire new future regulars. As people continue to work remotely, screen time is up. A bigger audience directly converts to much-needed revenue.”

This opening really caught my attention. While the pandemic has brought on a lot of detriment, there is sort of a “silver lining” for restaurants- It is time to take advantage of the fact that screen time is up and use social media to take your restaurant’s brand awareness to the next level!

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